Two stores. One brand.

It’s not even a town. Safford is an unincorporated community in rural West Alabama. The closest city is Selma. Safford Tire & Hardware began in an old service station off of County Highway 5 in 2004. The owner Keith Bridges dropped out of college to start a risky tire business and over the years of struggle added more products that he thought his customers would buy. From tires, hammers, drills, seed, feed, to guns, bows. fishing tackle—you name it he slowly built up a store worthy of changing the name to Safford Trading Company. The 800 square foot space quickly grew to 25,000.

Stubborn as much as he is determined, the growth of Safford Trading and Equipment won’t inspire him to move his small empire to a larger city. Which is just as well. There’s something about being nowhere. Somewhere else is never as good as its cracked up to be anyhow.

Identity system

Safford Trading and Equipment word mark

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2. Alternate wordmark

Safford equipment logo

3. Icon

2. Alternate wordmark

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Safford Equipment and Trading icon

4. Flag

Rivive! Nashville flag shot
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